The Brandon Sherman Quintet:
(From Left to Right)
Trevor Anderies - Drums
Rory Cowal - Piano
Dave Tranchina - Bass
Brian Walsh - Bass Clarinet/Tenor Sax
Brandon Sherman - Trumpet
DeGouges Improvisation #1 Improvisation #2: Movements 1+2
Miscellaneous Recordings:
My Sufficiency Is Suffonsified And Further Indulgence Would Prove Injurious To My Gastronomical Salubrication 
Brandon Sherman - Trumpet     Morgan Fitch - Trombone
Joe Santa-Maria - Alto Sax       Andrew Conrad - Tenor Sax
Nathan Smith - Bass Clarinet    Steve Blum - Piano
Brandon Schmidt - Bass             Colin Woodford - Drums
All Original Compositions by Brandon Sherman except where noted.
Uncle Papa and the Smurf Revolution:
Brandon Sherman - Trumpet
Dave Tranchina - Bass
Trevor Anderies - Drums
DeGouges (Live) Fun With Three (Improvisation) Hank and the Magic Sunflower (Improvisation) Smurf Revolution (Improvisation) An Attractive Murky Day In Paradise Land (When Flowers Blum)
    Brandon Sherman - Trumpet     Harrison Kirk - Trombone
    Michael Mull - Alto Sax             Andrew Conrad - Tenor Sax
    Brian Walsh - Bass Clarinet       Cathlene Pineda - Piano
    Brandon Schmidt - Bass             Colin Woodford - Drums
Brandon Sherman - Trumpet
Chris Kallmyer - Trumpet
Andrew Conrad - Reeds
SCRIBBLE is a trio of instrumentalists that compose the beginning of a piece of music (4-8 bars usually) directly before performing, followed by finishing the piece using real-time composition and improvisational techniques.
Untitled #1 (C.Kallmyer)-(Live) Untitled #2 (Live) Untitled #3 (Live) DFDKKIKIEY; Chili Cheese Fries (Improvisation) All The Things You Are (Jerome Kern):
Brandon Sherman - Trumpet       Paul Roth - Alto Sax
Andrew Conrad - Tenor Sax        Aaron Wold - Alto Sax
Go Home Team! (For Kübb)
(From Left to Right)
Colin Woodford - Drums
Brandon Sherman - Trumpet/Melodica
Brandon Schmidt - Bass
Andrew Conrad - Tenor Sax/Clarinet/Melodica
Quiet In The Library!!! Dr. Miley Do Good (Conrad) Album for purchase The Metamorphosis of the Gilded Flutterby I See Orange, I See Summer, I See Happy People (Woodford)
(From Left to Right)
Steve Blum - Piano
Nate Coyne - Drums
Brandon Sherman - Trumpet
Pump It Up....Take It To The Max(well) Be Wary of Walking Down a Greazy Alley All Alone What? Album for purchase Thanks for the Bananas (For Milcho)